Stone Boy - A hindi serial broadcasted in Mauritius TV Channel

The Stone Boy is an Indo-Mauritius short film broadcast as a children's television series that aired on the Indian Television channel DD National in 1991. It was directed by T.S. Nagabharana. The story was based on a fantasy story of a poor farmer/milkman boy who gets cursed by fairies.


Ajith and his sister Archana have to shift to a new country as their father's job gets transferred. They get admitted to a new school. Initially they find it difficult to befriend their new classmates and end up fighting with many. The schoolmates are not ready to accept the new classmates Ajith and Archana. Eventually, they come to know about a mountain called Stone Boy. There is a legend about this mountain that long, long ago there was a poor farmer/milkman boy. He was having very bad days because of his poverty. He owned a goat and selling that goat's milk was his source of income. Every day he used to milk his goat and went selling milk. One day when he was returning home from his business, he saw an amazing scene. A group of very beautiful fairies had landed on earth and were enjoying dancing and singing. He saw their whole "leela" or singing and dancing by hiding behind a large stone. Eventually a fairy happens to catch him having sneak-peak. The fairies get very angry upon him and curse him. But the poor boy pleads for forgiveness. One of the fairy feels pity on him, and asks him to make a promise. The fairy says "From now onwards, you will get prosperous. All your problems will get solved. All hurdles in your life shall get removed. But only while you keep this secret that we fairies visit this place on earth. You shall have to keep this secret. If you ever tell this to anyone, all your prosperity will be lost and you will get transformed into a stone on that high mountain. You can only appear on being called as a normal human being once in fifty years, for just three days. Remember you can appear back as normal human being only when someone climbs to that mountain, and calls you from the depth of his heart. After three days of your coming back to humans you shall again be transformed into stone for another fifty years waiting for someone to call you. This would be your punishment for not keeping our secret." Saying this the fairies disappear.

Eventually, what fairies said starts becoming true. The boy starts getting more profit from business. He starts getting richer. But jealous villagers can't stand his progress. One day they force him to tell the secret of prosperity. The boy cannot keep silent when whole village is forcing him to tell the secret. So, he starts telling them the secret. No sooner than he utters the secret his body is transformed into a stone of arbitrary shape and shifted to the peak of the mountain. That mountain is called as the Stone Boy since then.

When Ajit and Archana hear this legend, they think of giving a try to call back Stone Boy. They climb up that mountain and call him to come back, but Stone Boy does not appear.

Again they start living their normal life. With the problems of not having anymore new friends in the new country.

Ajit and Archana think of giving a one more try to call back Stone Boy. This time they keep in mind the fact that they need to call him from the depth of their hearts. So they sing a very touching song... " Aaa gaya hoon paas tere, chod ke sab yaar mere, karle mujhse dosti, Stone Boy..." They succeed. The stone boy comes back to life. Stone Boy helps Ajit and Archana make new friends, and he also wishes to enjoy his long awaited three days life. So the threesome enjoy for three days. After three days, Stone Boy has to go back to his stone form. And the story ends with a very emotional scene of Stone Boy getting transformed back into stone.