Anurag Sharma awarded in Mauritius

Anurag Sharma, a renowned Indian writer and poet, awarded by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute:
The winner of the first edition of the Apravasi Hindi Sahitya Srijan Samman, organized by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute is Anurag Sharma, a renowned Indian writer and poet in the United States.

At the award ceremony at the Subramania Bharati Lecture Theater at the MGI, the winner received his award from the Speaker of the National Assembly, Maya Hanoomanjee, in the presence of several personalities. This award is intended for the author of the the best literary work in Hindi among the Indian diaspora throughout the world.

Death Of Shri. Keswaduth Chintamunee

Namaste,it is with great sadness and pain that am sharing the news of the demise of Dada Keshwaduth Chintamunee,Headmaster, lifelong Arya Samaji, the iniator and backbone of Triolet Baal Sabha for many years. Creamtion time TBC.