Vichaar Manch - Mohan Rakesh and the Teacher of Aadhe Adhure

The World Hindi Secretariat, under the aegis of Ministry of Education & HR, Tertiary Education & Scientific Research and High Commission of India, Mauritius organised the first edition of “Vichaar Manch” held at Swaraj Bhawan, Lallmatie at 3pm on Thursday 27th July 2017. The chosen theme for the first Vichaar Manch is “Mohan Rakesh and the Teaching of Aadhe Adhure”.

The programme started with the Master of Ceremony, Dr. Madhouree Ramdharee, Deputy Secretary General addressing the audience of hindi lovers and hindi teachers and students. The Official Welcome Address was delivered by Prof. Vinod Kumar Mishra, Secretary General WHS, followed by Dr. Nutan Pandey, Second Secretary, High Commission of India and Mr. Rajiv Kumar Aukhojee, Administrator, Ministry of Educaion & HR, Tertiary Education & Scientific Research.

At around 15.30, Arts Officer Rakesh Seerkissoon from Ministry of Arts Culture presented an expose on the Staging of ‘Aadhe Adhure’ Hindi Play. Technical aspects like Lights, Costume, Setting were detailed in his exposee. Mr. Rakesh then invoiced the audience to enjoy an excerpt of ‘Aadhe Adhure’ presented by Natya Deep Group of Vallee des Pretres. Mr. Ritesh Mohabir directed and portrayed as the main role.

At around 16.00, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Sunyukta Bhowon-Ramsarah was invited to deliver her speech on ‘Mohun Rakesh and his play Aadhe Adhure’. The academic scholar made use of Powerpoint presentation in order to better conveys the characters of the play, visually. Dr. Sunyukta then invited the learned audience to enjoy another excerpt of ‘Aadhe Adhure’, this time presented by ‘Nav Dweep Naatyashaala’, featuring well-known actor Chetan Anand Hajuree and Best Actress Winner 2017 (Hindi Language) - Rishika Jaddoo. The play excerpt was well acclaimed by the audience present in Swaraj Bhawan.

Mr. Leckrajsingh Pandohee (Rakesh), Educator at Manilal Doctor SSS and resident of Lalmatie Village, then shared his experience of teaching ‘Aadhe-Adhure’. His interactive way of doing his presentation won the heart of the audience. Mr. Pandohee did not hesitate to use co-actors to portray tips to successfully tackle exams questions on ‘aadhe adhere’. The hall was jam packed with more than 50% students and the student community enjoyed a great deal from this 10 minutes speech.

Last item of the Vichaar Mach was the sharing of experience of the study of ‘Aadhe-Adhure’ by student Ms. Priyanka Sooklall, Student BA (Hons) Hindi at Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI). and then Mr. Suryadeo Seeboruth shared his thoughts on the theme.

Dr. Madhouree Ramdharee presented the vote of thanks and the event ended around 17.15.