आज का स्यंतक by Mahesh Ramjeeawon

Launching of Book written by Shree Mahesh Ramjeeawon at The Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC) on 05 November 2017 at 2pm. This function was graced by eminent personalities from India and Mauritius. Launching of the book was done by the Mauritius Prime Minister and other eminent personalities from India.


Shree Mahess Ramjeeawon, born on 23 March 1952 is a playwright, actor and poet. Shree Mahess is a retired from the post of Principal Arts officer at Ministry of Arts and Culture after many years of service.

Shree Mahess graduated from the National School of Drama, New Delhi, India (1982 – 1985).

  • Best Director Award – Youth Drama Festival 1974
  • Directed Sharad Joshi’s ‘Ek tha Gadha’ in 1980
    • Directed Girish Karnad’s ‘Hayvadan’ in 1986 for the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.
    • Written and Directed ‘Samaye Chakra’ in 1994 in the context of World Hindi Convention.
  • Written and Directed ‘Seet Basant’ (1998)
  • Designed and staged ‘Khela Polumpur’ (1999)
  • Written and Directed ‘Karmanya Phaleshoo’ (2000)
  • Directed ‘Swami Dayanand Saraswati’, written by Chutturdut Heeramun in 2001
  • Written and Directed ‘Ek Mouthi Maut’ (2002) for Port Louis Theatre Festival / Bharat Rang Mahotsav
  • Directed GHOSTS (2007)
  • Written and Directed ‘Jai Charandas Ki’ (2003)
  • Assisted Children film – Stone Boy

Participated in various theatre festivals:
• Bharat Rang Mahotsav
• Henrik Ibsen International Theatre Festival

He was the Awardee of Somduth Bhuckory Puraskaar, S.M Bhagat Puraskaar and Shrijan Samman during the 2nd International Hindi Convention 2010.
Also, he has participated and conducted Drama workshops in Mauritius/Rodrigues, Reunion, Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa.

Shree Mahess have published various books namely:

1.Mauritius ke Saat Rang Ekangki (1984)

Prabhat Prakashan, Indianational drama festival 1974

 2. Seet Bassant (Hindi-1998)

Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.

 3 . Mauritius ke Aath Pratinidhi Kavi (1998)

Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.

4. Karmaphal Tatha Anya Ekangki ((2000)

Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.

 5. Jai Charandass ki (2004)

Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.

6. Ek Aur Syantak (2005)

Star Publications Pvt. Ltd

7. Sone ka Sandook (2009)

 8. Manilall Maganlall Doctor Shah in Mauritius (2010)

 9. Seet-Bassant (Bhojpuri-2010)

10. Aaj ka Syantak (2017)

Written and published poems, short stories and plays:

  • Mauritius Ke Saat Rang (1994)
  •  Seet Basant (1998)
  • Mauritius ke Aath Pratinidhi Kavi (1998)
  • Jai Charandas Ki (2004)

He has been been spotted in various magazines also. Here are the main ones:

1. AABHA – A Quarterly Hindi Literary Magazine

Edited- (1972 – 1976)

2. VAAD SAMVAD – Associate- International Inter – University Bi- Monthly International Magazine


Gadhe : 1973

Guinea Pig : 1974

Ek Tha Gadha : 1980

Chatriyan : 1985

Hayvadan : 1986

Samay Chakra : 1994

Seet Bassant : 1998

Khela polumpur : 1999

Karmanya Phaleshoo : 2000

Swami Dayanand Saraswatee : 2001

Ek Mouthi Maut : 2002

Jai Charandass Ki : 2003

Hindu Maha Sabha Ka Itihaas : 2004

Ek Aur Syantak : 2005

Sone Ka Anda : 2005

Ghosts : 2006

Manilall Doctor in Mauritius



India, Pakistan , Nepal ,Italy,France, Switzerland,United Kingdom, Germany,United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka , Bhutan ,South Africa, Lesotho , Botswana , Zimbabwe , Reunion.


1974– Toured India in the context of the 1st World Hindi Convention, Nagpur with ANDHA YUG directed by Prof. Mohun Maharishi.

 1994– Written and directed -SAMAYE CHAKRA IN the context of 4th World Hindi Convention held in Mauritius.

 1998– Toured India under Indo Mauritius Cultural Exchange Programme with Hindi Folk Play-SEET BASANT written and directed by me.

 1999– Participated Officially in drama workshop for Trainers in Lesotho organised by SATI, South Africa

2001– Toured India with Hindi play SWAMI DAYANAND SARASWATEE under Indo- Mauritius cultural exchange programme.

2002– Participated in 4th Bharat Rang Mahotsav, New Delhi and in The Port-Louis Theatre Festival with EK MOUTHI MAUT written and directed by me.

2003– Participated in 5th Bharat Rang Mahotsav , New Delhi and in The Port-Louis Theatre Festival with JAI CHARANDAS KI written and directed by me.

2004- Participated as an official delegate in the 6th Bharat Rang Mahotsav in New Delhi.

 2006- Participated in International Theatre Festival ,Lahore Pakistan . Organised by Rafee Peer Theatre Workshop With  Henrick Ibsen ,s GHOSTS

2008 Participated in International Theatre Festival

Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2008 With  Henrick Ibsen, GHOSTS


  1. Organised and conducted drama workshops for primary and secondary school teachers and students
  2. Organised Drama workshops and drama festivals in Rodrigues.
  3. Organised and conducted regional drama workshops since 30 years.
  4. Organized and conducted Residential drama workshops annually for prospective participants of the National drama festival organized by the Ministry of Arts and Culture.
  5. Organise production oriented workshop anually for the Academy of Film and Theatre and other NGO’S
  6. Responsible officer to organize drama festivals in Hindi and Bhojpuri,English,French and Mandarin at national level.


  1. Directed GHAR a TV Serial in 1980
  2. 2.Directed NISHAPATH a TV  serial for MBC/TV.-1986
  3. Concept,Artistic & Executive direction of RANG DARSHAN a monthly TV serials in Hindi and Bhojpuri of 52 episodes ongoing as from March 2007


Prepared and presented regularly Radio plays at mbc for Hindi Speaking Union


1974 – Best Director -Youth Drama Festival

1998– Somduth Bhuckory Puraskaar by Hindi Pracharini Sabha


  1. Founded Bharati Sahitya Sangh (A cultural and Literary organization in 1972)
  2. Founded Bharati Rang Mandir(Drama group in 1975.)
  3. Founded Mauritius Rang Chetna ( Theatre organisaton in 1980.)
  4. Founded Rang Tarang( Drama group in 1982.)
  5. Founded Academy of Film and Theatre(Theatre group at national level in 1982)
  6. Academy of Performing Arts-2005