Hindi Library in Mauritius


The Vedic Library also known as “Swami Ritaspati Pustakalay” at the Matri Sabha strives to be a place where everyone, regardless of age, religion, erudition or status can feel comfortable and have peace of mind to come for contemplation, study or leisure. They are proud to have a unique collection of nearly 500 books in our growing library. The Books are available in Hindi as well as in English languages. Our collection includes rare Vedic texts of great value to researchers, scholars and serious students of Religion or Philosophy. The library has many children’s books, including

• Indian folk tales
• Indian mythology
• Stories from the scriptures
• Biographies of leaders

Other books available for reference at their library are :

• American Encyclopedia
• Vedas in english translation
• Vedas in Hindi translation
• All vedas in a single volume
• Ramayan
• Geeta
• Mahabharat

We hope that an early exposure to age-appropriate Indian texts and tales will spark a life-long interest in reading as well as a desire to learn more about the Indian roots and traditions.

The library is open everyday as from 10 a.m to 3 p.m every weekday. The Matri Sabha, located at Mahatma Gandhi Street, Port Louis, Mauritius follow the principles of Arya Samaj established by Swami Dayanand Saraswati.


IGCIC has a very well-equipped Library with a wide range of books on Indian art, culture, literature and other topics with the following sections :-

  1. Reading Room with several magazines in English, Hindi, Urdu and other Indian languages
  2. Books in Indian languages with Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and others
  3. Books in English on Indian History, Culture, Music & Dance, Fiction, International Relations, Yoga etc
  4. Reference section with a collection of dictionaries, encyclopedia and Year Books
  5. CDs and DVDs on Indian Art Films, Documentaries and Classics.

Life-Membership to the Library is open to all on payment of a fee of Rs 500/- only. The library lends CDs and DVDs apart from books. All students of the Centre are encouraged to become members of the IGCIC Library and are entitled to use the Library Reading Room facilities without any charge. Library is open from 08.45 AM to 5.15 PM from Monday to Thursday, from 12.45 PM to 5.15 PM on Friday and from 8.45 AM to 12.45 PM on Saturday.