Somduth Buckhory

Somduth Buckhory

Started the movement of Hindi parishad all around the island to inspire Hindi lovers at large to write and publish their works. Initiator and editor of ANURAG, the hindi magazine of the off-shooting Hindi writers and contributors affiliated to  the office of 18 parishads spread all over the island. Parishad was founded to aim  a  real modern hindi literature of Mauritius parallel to world hindi literature including hindi literatue of India,to glitter among  the intelligentsias and the famous authors of world literature.

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ek phool ganne ka  (a sugar-cane flower) . A collection of poems. Star publication, New Delhi, 2004.


Hindi teacher ,drama coach and then hindi supervisor in primary government schools. Retired 2004.

Freelance radio/t.v   news reader and presented many other programs  at the mbc (1971-2001)

Producer at mbc radio/t.v (1988)

Miscellaneous periodical publications

Essays, poems and short stories published in Indian magazines as Dharmayug, Dinman and  in   local magazines as Vasant ,Anurag, Darpan etc.