Moonishwurlall Chintamunee


Hindi literary publications
1.Pratham kiran (First rays) Poems.1960.

2.Shanti niketan ki aur (Towards Shanti niketan ) Poems. Neo press. 1961.

3.Lokpriya geet. (Popular songs).1964.

4.Hindi ke adhar stambha .The pillars of hindi. Hindi Lekhak Sangh.1966.

5.Mauritius ka hindi sahitya tatha anya nibandh .(Hindi literature of Mauritius and other essays) 1972.

6.Nav nirman ki bela. Time to rebuild. Poems. 1972.

7.Shahmi shahmi si awaz. Hesitating voice. Poems. 1977.

8.Desh ke phool. Flowers of the country. Songs for children. 1978.

9.Hindi padya parag (An anthology of best hindi poems for the students of sc.) 1979.

10. Hire chaamke dhul mein. (Diamonds in the dirt) . Poems. 1984.

11. Bal kavita mala. Series of poems for children. 1984.

12.Chabbhi sagar ki .(The key of labour party or ssr.) 1987.

13.Dhwanan. (The resonance) Kiranprayag Publication. 1989.

14.Maurishasiya hindi sahitya (Mauritian hindi literature) Part one. Hindi book centre,!994.

15.Maurishasiya hindi sahitya (Mauritian hindi  literature) Part two.Hindi book centre.1996.

16.Raspunj ki rachnavli. (Works of Raspunj). Hindi lekhak sangh. 1997

17.Mauritius ki bal-kathayen. (Children`s stories of Mauritius.) Part one. Janvani Prakashan. 1998.

18.Mauritius ki bal-kathayen. (Children`s stories of Mauritius.) Part two. Janvani Prakashan. 1998.

19.Mauritius ki bal-kathayen. (Children`s stories of Mauritius.) Part Three. Janvani Prakashan. 1998.

20.Apni zamin ki talash. (In search of the land of identity) Poems. Atmaram & sons. 2000.

21.Mauritius ki swatantrata ki kahani. (Hindi version of -Story of independence of Mauritius) See below.Star publication. 2003.

22.Mauritius ka hindi sahitya.( Hindi literature of Mauritius). Hindi book centre. 2001.

 Periodical publications

Articles published in Janata, Navjeevan,   Samaj-vad,  Hindi congress, Vartaman, Anurag, Aryodaye, Indra Dhanush, Pankaj, Rimjhim, Vasant, Gandeev, Gajeepur samachar, Abhijagat, Chowraha, Aaj, Pragyan, Jai mahamana, Alok bharti, Bal bharti,  Yug maryada, Gagananchal, ajkal etc.

Other publications

1.Glimpses of eternal values.Philosophy.   2.Story of independence of Mauritius.


1957–General purpose teacher of Primary gvt. schools.   1973–Hindi tutor, Teacher`s training college.

!975–Education officer.mgi.   1977–Senior education officer.mgi.   1982–Lecturer, mgi.

1986 –Head, Department of languages.mgi.   1990–Senior lecturer,mgi.   1995–Retirement.

Contribution to hindi world


The author with the famous indian hindi writer Jainendra kumar in the picture .In the second picture he is also found among the executive members of Hindi lekhak sangh including the jovial poet S.M Bhagat.

1961–Founded Hindi lekhak sangh  (Hindi writers association)

1961-67 Presented radio programmes on radio

1965–Edited  Baal sakha, children`s paper.

1957-65 Member of Bambous social welfare centre and Bambous village council.

1979-94 Attended several international conferences.

1980–Introduced hindi and hinduism in educational television programme for sc. and hsc. students

1990-1995–In charge of hindi courses of B.A (Joint Hons) in Humanities run by the University of Mauritius.


Glimpses of hindi writings

Sweet home
 I want to tell you about that period of my life /When I lived in a mud-house plastered with cow-dung.

At that time the door of my house was wide open for the guests./For one and all in fact.

On the doorstep of my house  /One could smell the fragrance of sandalwood.

My courtyard was as bright as gold /But when prosperity smiled to me

And I had the means  to have a magnificent building erected, /I named it sweet-home

From that time the door of my house was almost closed to the guests.

And when I have got a compound  of my sweet-home /It is fenced with barbed-wire.

Translated by the poet, Dr. M .Chintamunnee