Vishnuduth Madhoo

1.Ravi rashmi. Sunrays. Collection of poems.1961.

2.Morishas Bharti. The expression of Mauritius. Published by B.Sonoo. Hindoo Press. Port Louis. Mauritius.1966.

3.Hasya Vatika. The garden of laughters. A collection of humorous poems. Madhu Printing, Triolet, Mauritius.1973.

4.Phat gayi dharti. The earth torn out. Novel. Madhu Press, Triolet.1975.


Press-Manager since 1969 initially  to serve hindi language and  solve the timely problem of publication partially.

Edited Hamara desh  (Weekly/Daily).

Moonishwurlall Chintamunee


Hindi literary publications
1.Pratham kiran (First rays) Poems.1960.

2.Shanti niketan ki aur (Towards Shanti niketan ) Poems. Neo press. 1961.

3.Lokpriya geet. (Popular songs).1964.

4.Hindi ke adhar stambha .The pillars of hindi. Hindi Lekhak Sangh.1966.

5.Mauritius ka hindi sahitya tatha anya nibandh .(Hindi literature of Mauritius and other essays) 1972.

6.Nav nirman ki bela. Time to rebuild. Poems. 1972.

7.Shahmi shahmi si awaz. Hesitating voice. Poems. 1977.

8.Desh ke phool. Flowers of the country. Songs for children. 1978.

9.Hindi padya parag (An anthology of best hindi poems for the students of sc.) 1979.

10. Hire chaamke dhul mein. (Diamonds in the dirt) . Poems. 1984.

11. Bal kavita mala. Series of poems for children. 1984.

12.Chabbhi sagar ki .(The key of labour party or ssr.) 1987.

13.Dhwanan. (The resonance) Kiranprayag Publication. 1989.

14.Maurishasiya hindi sahitya (Mauritian hindi literature) Part one. Hindi book centre,!994.

15.Maurishasiya hindi sahitya (Mauritian hindi  literature) Part two.Hindi book centre.1996.

16.Raspunj ki rachnavli. (Works of Raspunj). Hindi lekhak sangh. 1997

17.Mauritius ki bal-kathayen. (Children`s stories of Mauritius.) Part one. Janvani Prakashan. 1998.

18.Mauritius ki bal-kathayen. (Children`s stories of Mauritius.) Part two. Janvani Prakashan. 1998.

19.Mauritius ki bal-kathayen. (Children`s stories of Mauritius.) Part Three. Janvani Prakashan. 1998.

20.Apni zamin ki talash. (In search of the land of identity) Poems. Atmaram & sons. 2000.

21.Mauritius ki swatantrata ki kahani. (Hindi version of -Story of independence of Mauritius) See below.Star publication. 2003.

22.Mauritius ka hindi sahitya.( Hindi literature of Mauritius). Hindi book centre. 2001.

 Periodical publications

Articles published in Janata, Navjeevan,   Samaj-vad,  Hindi congress, Vartaman, Anurag, Aryodaye, Indra Dhanush, Pankaj, Rimjhim, Vasant, Gandeev, Gajeepur samachar, Abhijagat, Chowraha, Aaj, Pragyan, Jai mahamana, Alok bharti, Bal bharti,  Yug maryada, Gagananchal, ajkal etc.

Other publications

1.Glimpses of eternal values.Philosophy.   2.Story of independence of Mauritius.


1957--General purpose teacher of Primary gvt. schools.   1973--Hindi tutor, Teacher`s training college.

!975--Education officer.mgi.   1977--Senior education officer.mgi.   1982--Lecturer, mgi.

1986 --Head, Department of languages.mgi.   1990--Senior lecturer,mgi.   1995--Retirement.

Contribution to hindi world


The author with the famous indian hindi writer Jainendra kumar in the picture .In the second picture he is also found among the executive members of Hindi lekhak sangh including the jovial poet S.M Bhagat.

1961--Founded Hindi lekhak sangh  (Hindi writers association)

1961-67 Presented radio programmes on radio

1965--Edited  Baal sakha, children`s paper.

1957-65 Member of Bambous social welfare centre and Bambous village council.

1979-94 Attended several international conferences.

1980--Introduced hindi and hinduism in educational television programme for sc. and hsc. students

1990-1995--In charge of hindi courses of B.A (Joint Hons) in Humanities run by the University of Mauritius.


Glimpses of hindi writings

Sweet home
 I want to tell you about that period of my life /When I lived in a mud-house plastered with cow-dung.

At that time the door of my house was wide open for the guests./For one and all in fact.

On the doorstep of my house  /One could smell the fragrance of sandalwood.

My courtyard was as bright as gold /But when prosperity smiled to me

And I had the means  to have a magnificent building erected, /I named it sweet-home

From that time the door of my house was almost closed to the guests.

And when I have got a compound  of my sweet-home /It is fenced with barbed-wire.

Translated by the poet, Dr. M .Chintamunnee


Bhanoomatee Nagdan


Writing, cinema ,music, theatre, politics, travelling and meeting people. Reader of Premchand, Sharat Chandra,Tagore, Guy de Maupassant, Flaubert, Tolstoi, Charlotte sisters etc. Follower of Gandhian principles. Well-known among the hindi lovers for her feminist ideas and bold speech.

(A portion from the short story Ek ghar i.e A home from the book Minister.P84)

If he had told you clearly, you could have bought it, Luxmi ! Today the prices are high. Even the corpse of an elephant is worth Rs.125,000.A portion of land worth Rs. 5,000 has been sold at Rs.75,000.It is a good bargain when one thousand rupees is a dream. Do you possess Rs.75,000 ?Even land is gaining the price of gold. When our ancestors came from hindustan they had the inner confidence that there is gold in the soil of Mauritius. Today the dream seems to be true in a sense. Today it is a fact that there is no gold in the soil but the land itself has got the golden value.

You have reached  the other end of the way. Today the great need of  people like us is merely a shelter. We don`t need a big house or a bungalow. We just want a little roof for ourselves. Where to go with such a request?  Whose door should we knock ?Who will listen to our story? What will happen to us? Where should we go with our olden roots ?

Both of them were lost in their endless problems.

Another portion of writing from the story Khilowna (toys) included in the book Minister.P89

As Life is going on today what can we do for our children? After great difficulty we earn one or two meals . We can neither buy a good car to offer a comfortable ride to our children nor we can travel by aeroplane. It is enough if we can make them enjoy with these toys anyway. They fulfil their desire while playing with them. They learn something even they break them into pieces during their play. Childhood comes once in a lifetime. Let`s ornate their tender age with flowers of love and perfume of our memory which remains for ever in the child`s heart. Life is a toy. Play with it as long as you can. We can`t expect much from death. Life possesses  whatever we wish .Life is worth living as it has every thing to make us happy. Nobody knows when life becomes silent or finished as broken toys .


Soomatee Boodhun

Hindi literary publication

Poems published in Nirman, Vasant ,Shantidoot, Bhasha, Gagananchal, Aryodaye, Rimjhim etc.Periodical publications and other notes

Started writing in 1975 and joined TTC in 1979.

A poem from the book

I want to live

( Page 111 )

A house be made where relationship never dies

Where the colour of love be spread

Every while I want to put some colours

I want to live .

A  world of mine be sheltered where the breath is not suffocated.

Where lies freedom in bondage

Every while I want to be bound

I want to live.

A yard be beautified where there will be no taboo to laugh

Where the flowers would like to flourish

Every while I want to be full of perfume

I want to live.

A song of mine be  echoed where life has not the habit of crying

Where there is the paradise of happiness

Every while I want to hum

I want to live.

A lamp of mine be ignited where every breath will be of confidence.

Where every scratch be covered with the border of my clothing

Every while I want emit such light 

I want to live.

Indradev Bholah Indranath


1.Bharat se bahar videson mein hindi tatha morisas mein hindi sahitya ki pristhabhumi mein hindi lekhak sangh ki bhumika

Hindi outside India and the role of Hindi Lekhak Sangh in the background of hindi literature in Mauritius.1834-2002.

Published by Hindi Lekhak Sangh and distributed by Hindi Book Centre. Delhi, India. 2003.

Bal-sakha Editor, Hindi magazine for children, publishing and editing by HLS.

Occupations & contributions

T.T.C. 1962 ---Asst. H.T 1995 ---Retired 1998.

Founder  / secretary of Hindi Lekhak Sangh (Hindi Writers Association) , 1961.

Founder--Vidia Bhavan 1971, Universal College, Riv.du Rempart. Secondary classes in  Hindi, Sanskrit and translation in general.

Founder--Riviere du Rempart Arya Samaj.

Editor-- Srijan, hindi paper for the whole island. 1988.

Editor-- Malini, Swarna Rajat, Charvana etc..


Chief editor--Bal sakha 2006

Freelancer at the MBC and presented hindi  program under the title of --Geet Garima. 2000-2001.

Presented a drama under the name of senior citizen association of Riv. du Rempart.

Presented the drama Grand regret in the drama festival organised by the Mins. of Cultural affairs

Honored by the Arya Sabha, Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Hindi Lekhak Sangh, Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation, Hindi Sansthan and the then President of Mauritius, Cassam Utteem.

Contribution to L`express, Week End, Le Defi, Mauritius Times, Aryodaye and other publications.

Regular writing for the last forty years and popularly dedicated to the promotion of hindi language and literature.

Balwantasing Nobutsing


Travelling mostly the country-side and meeting common people .Reading famous books and writing personal feelings.


1961-1977. Presidency College,Riviere des anguilles and Curepipe.

1977-2004.Supervisor,PSSA,Min. of education and scientific research,Mauritius.

Hindi literary publications

1.Puspanjali.( a handful of flowers ) A collection of hindi poems. Star publication,New Delhi.2004.


Collective literary publication

1.Vishwa darpan  ( a picture of the world). A collection of hindi poems from Fidji, Surinam, Nepal, Guyana,Trinidad and Tobago, U.K, and Mauritius. Edited by the author and published by Sanmarg Prakashan.New Delhi, India.1981.

Other literary publications

1960.My thoughts are ever greenA collection of poems.Mee Mee Printing,Mts.

1961.The garden of flowersA collection of poems from local poets. Mee Mee Printing, Port Louis, Mauritius.

.1970.An easy guide to poetry writing.

Miscellanious periodical publications

Various articls and poems published in Presidency college magazine,The global minds, Aaj, Ajkal, Vasant, Rimjhim etc.

Glimpses of hindi writings

Lead me unto the village of stars

(Le chal mujhe taron ke gaon mein. Puspanjali  p37)

Lead me unto the village of stars/The village of everlasting stars             Lead me unto the village of stars/The village of everlasting stars

                    Where huge planets can hear my love/And be the witness of my heart           Let me hear the music of Heaven/Let me reach the bossom of Queen Moon

Let me be one of her Queendom/And let my love shine like a star.        Oh ! Queen of the night, let me visit your village/And your inhabitants the stars;

                     Make me once an angel and let me fly/Amongst the unknown feelings.       This is no world to live in /Where love makes no friends

Take me away /Where only love reigns         So lead me unto the village of  stars/ Where only love reigns.

Abhimanyu Anat

The top-most published prolific hindi writer who had written profusely for the growth and revival of  modern hindi literature for the people of Mauritius. Well-known in India as the author of lal pasina and numerous other novels. Written in almost all forms of literature and speaks generously on  world famous writers of various languages.

 LAL PASINA, the open book relating the daily situations of the Indian immigrants who has enormously struggled hard to change the fate of the country and the people in all parts of the island. He fosters the basic knowledge of a renowned intelligent and concerned author of true literature.

The top-most published prolific hindi writer who had written profusely for the growth and revival of  modern hindi literature for the people of Mauritius. Well-known in India as the author of lal pasina and numerous other novels. Written in almost all forms of literature and speaks generously on  world famous writers of various languages.

LAL PASINA, the open book relating the daily situations of the Indian immigrants who has enormously struggled hard to change the fate of the country and the people in all parts of the island. He fosters the basic knowledge of a renowned intelligent and concerned author of true literature.


Satyavatee Ramyead (Sita)


Occupation & interests

TTC.!964. Hindi teacher and life-long all-famous social worker. Interested in reading, writing, theatre, needle-works, handicrafts and children`s  activities in cultural developments.

Hindi literary publications

1.Patthar ke lor

The stony tears. A collection of folktales of Mauritius  including  La roche qui pleure.

Hindi book centre .N-Delhi.1997

2.Bahu andolan

A one-act play entitling the movement of emancipation of daughter in laws published by the mgi, 2001.

Collective publications

1.A new approach to english literature, bk 2. Medialand co. ltd. 1998-2001. Inclusion of  La roche qui pleure with the title  The legend of the wailing rock.

Glimpses of writings

A part from  patthar ke lor, p9

Gorka smiled then sang a song to lure Sanwarki, the black beauty.

A short trip of ten minutes up to Souillac and backway.

Let`s go and wander at Souillac. What`s in a life?

A short trip of ten minutes up to Souillac and backway.

Let`s go and wander there Sawnri, the black beauty.

The black beauty believed his words. Closed back the door of her house and mounted on the horse-back of the fair complexioned. Both went towards Souillac cajoling each other throughout the serpentine road to reach Gris-Gris near the hill called Lilotte. They stepped down the horse. The fair complexioned Gorka put the horse in the shade of a tree and they strolled  along the seaside.

It was summer-time. The Sun was shining harshly. The sea breeze was full of fresh air. Seeing the bluish water they were tempted to enter it. After walking for a while in the shallow water of the shore, they started swimming in the deep sea. Lost in their mutual affection, they were totally unaware of the outside world. 

They had forgotten entirely the oath taken in front of their father and mother.

Other activities or societal life

1.President,Mauritius International Association and Vacoas sanskritik sabha, U.N.E.S. C.O. club.

2.Vice president,Mauritius Alliance of women.
3.Life member, Mauritius Arya Samaj, Port-Louis and Vacoas Sanskritik Sabha.
4.Member of Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Human Service Trust, Arya Women Welfare Association, Hindi Lekhak Sangh, Hindi Speaking Union and Mauritius Hindi Academy.
5.Manager, Vacoas sanskritik sabha, hindi school.
6.Secretary, Solferino Arya Mahila Samaj.
7.Treasurer,Plaines Wilhems Jeela parishad.

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

Dhunpal Raj Heeramun

1.Kavitayen jo chap na sakin. Poems which have not been possible to publish. 1986.

2.Chap kar rahin kavitayen. Poems which have been published finally.1987.

3.Choobhte phool. Pinching flowers.Vartika prakashan. 1997.

4.Hanste kante. Laughing thorns. Vartika prakashan, New Delhi.1998.

5.Andhere ka ujala. The light of the darkness. Vartika prakashan, New Delhi. 2000.

6.Swaghoshit acharya. Self proclaimed Professor.Star Publication, New Delhi- 2006

Other publications

1.The mahatma remembered. Edited works.

Occupation & Interests
1.Basically hindi teacher (1973-1978)

2.Joined mgi and promoted as senior assistant editor.

3.Conducts  adult beginners course in hindi and organises  courses for mlas.

4.Education officer ( mgi. secondary schools) Teaching hindi and hinduism at HSC level.

5.Regular programmes on current affairs. News editor/news caster/interviewer and sports programme presenter.

6.Editor---Swadesh, Hinduism today, Vasant, Rimjhim and other magazines for human service trust and 4th World hindi conference.

7.Edited series of text books for primary and lower secondary schools in addition to text books for adult hindi courses.

8.Presented educational programmes on radio and tv  for CPE, SC,  HSC, students on account of the  Mauritius college of the air besides documentaries including writers.

Somduth Buckhory

Somduth Buckhory

Started the movement of Hindi parishad all around the island to inspire Hindi lovers at large to write and publish their works. Initiator and editor of ANURAG, the hindi magazine of the off-shooting Hindi writers and contributors affiliated to  the office of 18 parishads spread all over the island. Parishad was founded to aim  a  real modern hindi literature of Mauritius parallel to world hindi literature including hindi literatue of India,to glitter among  the intelligentsias and the famous authors of world literature.

Suryadeo Seeboruth

Ek phool ganne ka  (a sugar-cane flower) . A collection of poems. Star publication, New Delhi, 2004.


Hindi teacher ,drama coach and then hindi supervisor in primary government schools. Retired 2004.

Freelance radio/t.v   news reader and presented many other programs  at the mbc (1971-2001)

Producer at mbc radio/t.v (1988)

Miscellaneous periodical publications

Essays, poems and short stories published in Indian magazines as Dharmayug, Dinman and  in   local magazines as Vasant ,Anurag, Darpan etc.