Nayi Drishti MBC Programme on Creative Writing Workshop organised by The World Hindi Secretariat

The World Hindi Secretariat (WHS) under the aegis of Minister of Education and Human Resources & High Commission of India organised a 2-Day workshop on Creative writing held on 11th and 12th Dec. 2017 at the Multipurpose Hall of IGCIC.


World Hindi Secretariat Mauritius

The Opening ceremony started with the Secretary General of WHS, Prof. Vinod Kumar Mishra, delivering his welcome address. Subsequently, different personalities were invited to address the audience of hindi lovers consisting of different age groups. The following persons took the floor: Dr. Oudaye Narain Gangoo OSK, Governing Council Member of WHS, the Ag. High Commissioner of India H.E. Shri K.D. Dewal and Shri Tejendra Kumar Sharma Secretary of Katha UK. The keynote address was delivered by Prof. A. Vardhan Sharma, Pro-Vice Chancellor Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtreey Hindi Vishwavidyaalay, Wardha India.

The second session of the workshop started after a tea break and were on (i) short story writing and (ii) lyrics writing. The session was interactive whereby after the speakers had delivered their presentation, WHS requested feedback on same from selected members of the audience. The second session covered principally Short Story writing where Mr. A. Vardhan Sharma and Dr. Usha Sharma were requested to shed light on this creative form of writing. They narrated an excerpt of their written story and the floor was shared with Mauritian Writer Dhanraj Sembhoo for narration of his written short story. A short story writing competition was launched for Hindi Students, and the Best short story will be awarded by WHS.

Sweta Baboolall Mauritius

The third and final session started after a lunch break with Shri T. K. Sharma doing a visual multimedia presentation on Hindi Cinema and Lyrics writing. Mauritian singers Mrs. S. Baboolall and Mr. N. Shibnauth took the floor to present on lyrics writing. The audience had the opportunity to listen to the melodious voice of both artistes, singing their own composed songs in Hindi/Bhojpuri. The last item was showing of 2 films written and produced by Mauritian filmmakers Mr. M. Ramjeeawon and Mr. D. Jeewooth. The Master of Ceremony initiated an interactive session for feedback on the items presented on the third session of the workshop.

Group Photo Creative Writing Workshop Hindi Secretariat

The second day of the workshop started with Dr. H. Soonder presenting on Kshanika Writing. For the second session, Shri. T.K. Sharma took the floor to present on ‘Laghukatha Writing’, following which different persons in the field of Hindi Writing narrated their short stories to the audience. The last session of the workshop was on Drama Writing and Stage Craft where Media Professional Shri S. Seeboruth addressed the audience. Four solo Drama performances followed by different artistes – Mrs. S. Ramyead, Mr. R. Mohabir, Ms. N. Joomuck and Mr. A. Ramjeeawon. In the same style as previous sessions, a feedback and interactive session was opened with members on the audience on presented items.

The concluding ceremony of the workshop started with Acharya Pratishtha, Director Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture, Phoenix, (IGCIC )giving her address which was very highly acclaimed by everyone present. Prof. A. Vardhan Sharma and Shri T.K. Sharma gave their valedictory address. Feedback on the workshop were requested from participants – both established and emerging writers. The final items of the workshop were the distribution of certificates and vote of thanks.